Event Videography Singapore

Through a well-produced highlight reel and event video, your guests are able to relive the spirit and joy of the wonderful event. Especially with ML Studio’s talents, with over 10 years of experience in event videography and film production in Singapore, you’ll be hiring the best in the business by working with us. ML Studio helps you memorialise those precious moments in a creative, professional and stunning video package. From conferences to networking events and company functions, ML Studio’s event videographers are available for every occasion in any nature throughout Singapore.


It’s hard to recall the details of an event with so much going on, looking back it might all seem blur the next day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have those moments of intimacy, joy and festivity all captured down and edited to perfection from the start of the event to the end of the party? Our experienced and talented event videographers provide just that in Singapore.


The ML Studio team has had years of experience filming events of all sizes and scale. Whether it be a huge dinner for 3000 pax or an intimate VIP dining for 10, our professional videographers in Singapore will capture the quintessence of the day. We believe that no two events are alike, hence we approach every project with crisp perspectives. ML Studio works closely with all our clients to find out the uniqueness and the most important features of their event to ensure that the special moments are all captured.


A memorable event is best relieved through a well shot event video highlight. ML Studio’s professional event videographers are committed to delivering exceptional footage for every event.

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