Event Photography Singapore

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Nothing captures the good memories of an enjoyable event like well taken photographs. Regardless of what you’re planning, ML Studio photographers are there to capture your most precious and joyous moments.


Integrating the latest technologies into our event photographer’s rolodex, we have included in-print and WiFi enabled cameras, our event photographers are able to transmit photos wirelessly to the print station or photobooth where your event attendees will be able to pick it up just 9 seconds later! Imagine the delight of being able to bring home memories of the event on the day itself instead of waiting for the photos to be disseminated 1 week later.


We know every event organisers want their company to be remembered, that’s also why our designer can overlay company logos and name of the event on the photos that your guests will bring home as a memento. Now talk about great branding!


Our experienced photographers are skilled in covering multiple events such as a product launch, store opening, corporate events, networking sessions, conferences, minister visits, VVIP events, corporate family day, dinner and dance, birthday parties, anniversary celebration and many more! With over 10 years of experiencing capturing the perfect memories, ML Studio ensures that we will deliver the best event photography service in Singapore.


Talk to one of our friendly photographers at ML Studio now and let’s see how we can make your next event an unforgettable one!

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